Lyndsey Roofing® offers flat roofing services installed and repaired by a team of trained professionals. We are proud to serve Hyde ParkPoughkeepsie, and Rhinebeck.

You don’t want just anyone handling the heavy roof material that sits over your head. Additionally, flat roofing is the heaviest of all roofs! Just in case, we offer 5 to 30-year warranties on flat roof services. Lastly, our company is a GenFlex Licensed applicator. 

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    What lyndsey roofing offers

    Quality Guaranteed

    With a team of experienced and passionate workers, we guarantee that you will get the best quality around. Our work proves that we love what we do.

    Affordable Prices

    Our prices are based on your budget. Whatever that budget may be, we will work with you to come up with the best solutions for your roofing problems.

    Customer Satisfaction

    The reason our company is rated so high in satisfaction is because we treat your roof like our own. It is our mission to provide amazing results and leave our clients satisfied with our work.

    Why choose lyndsey roofing?

    Our excellent work has landed us awards such as Home Advisor Top Rated Contractor and an Angie’s List approved contractor, among others. Lyndsey Roofing®’s team is the best of the best: we are knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated. Allow us to handle your flat roofing needs, and receive the peace of mind that your building and the people in it–whatever and whoever it and they may be–are safe under a flat roof installed by US.

    To contact us, you may call us at 845-849-1641, or email bill@lyndseyroofing.comOur website also has a contact page where you can fill out an inquiry. We would love to hear from you and help answer any questions, comments, or concerns you may have about flat roofing.


    What is the Point of Flat Roofs?

    Unlike the overlapping layers of traditional roofs, flat roofs are almost completely seamless and therefore, should be installed by a professional in order to avoid water leaks. Contrary to popular belief, flat roofs do have a slight incline––just enough to let water flow. Flat roofs are more visually appealing and more convenient when compared to angled roofs. Flat roofs are an extremely popular choice for commercial buildings, as they can easily cover a large area and are a convenient place for outdoor HVAC units.

    flat roof balcony

    Different Types of Flat Roofs: BUR type

    Built-up roofing (BUR): An oldie but a goodie, BUR is the oldest of the flat roof family. BUR has a long life-span and is economically friendly. Its composition of gravel and tar keep it watertight and highly resistant, but extremely heavy. BUR’s initial installation is a bit costly, but costs little to maintain. This type of flat roof is somewhat expensive for a residential home, but a very economical option for commercial use.

    Modified Bitumen Roofing (MBR): This type of flat roof is arguably the easiest to install, as it comes in rolls that are rolled out to overlap. It adds an extra layer of polymer to BUR’s gravel and tar, reinforcing durability. MBR is low cost and maintenance, and environmentally friendly as it’s recyclable! This type of flat roof is perfect for smaller buildings, such as residential or small businesses.

    single ply flat roof

    Different Types of Flat Roofs: Single-Ply

    EPDM: The newest of the bunch, EPDM is becoming the favorite of providers and customers alike. EPDM is a type of rubber membrane, commonly used for residential homes. The rubber is recyclable, and helps insulate the building which cuts down heating costs. EPDM is waterproof, lightweight, extremely durable, and easily repaired.

    PVC: This flat roof is another single-ply material, just like EPDM. PVC is the best performer, which comes with the highest price. PVC is extremely watertight, durable, and naturally heat-reflective. The costly flat roof is commonly used for large commercial buildings.

    TPO: Another single-ply material, TPO is quite new and has not yet been perfected. It costs less than other single-ply materials, but does not have as long of a track record. TPO is unique, as it is available in different sizes, allowing it to be useful for all kinds of flat roofs. 

    choosing best roofing material

    What to Consider When Choosing Which
    Material Best Suits Your Needs:

    *Amount of foot traffic
    Size of building
    *Weigh the pros and cons of each type


    Need advice on which to choose? Don’t hesitate to call us. One of our expert team members would be happy to sit down with you and help you choose the best option for YOU! Additionally, we do not fulfill requests to place a new roof directly on top of an existing one. Here at Lyndsey Roofing®, we believe that stripping the roof and starting from scratch is the only correct way to replace a roof. It may not be the fastest or most convenient way, but it is undoubtedly the safest––and safety is of our top priority.

    Check out our FLAT ROOF repair Work!

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    flat roof repair

    hundreds of satisfied roof repair customers

    Extremely professional with excellent follow up and follow through. In today’s world, it can be challenging to find a company who offers impeccable start to finish service. Bill not only said what he would do – he actually did what he said he would. His crew gave attention to every detail just like Bill did. The service was prompt, professional and well done. I am 100% pleased with our new roof and our experience with Lyndsey Roofing®, LLC. -Daria R.
    I ended up with a beautiful roof. Mr. Reilly was professional, did amazing work. He and his crew were prompt, efficient, did above and beyond and came in on estimate. It's been a long time since I received exactly and more than what I paid for. Great local business!!! - Carolyn D.

    Flexible Financing Options

    Lydnsey Roofing offers stress-free financing for your project.

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