Investing in a commercial property can be a huge undertaking. From fixed rates to tax breaks to total control of your building, it can also be a very rewarding experience, if maintain the property as intended.

Therefore, to ensure the safety of the building, a reliable roofing system is necessary. By protecting your commercial roof, you can protect your investment. 

For your convenience, the roofing experts at Lyndsey Roofing® can provide you with annual or bi-annual inspections.

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    Why Choose Lyndsey Roofing® for Annual and Bi-Annual Roofing Inspections

    Quality Guaranteed

    To help maintain the structure of your property, our roofing experts can offer you annual and bi-annual roofing inspections. We also offer around the clock repair services.

    Affordable Prices

    For your convenience, our prices are always based on your budget. We will work with your budget and schedule to provide you affordable inspections both annually and bi-annually. 

    Customer Satisfaction

    We treat your roof like our own, and we stand by all of our inspections, providing you with estimates for necessary work to help you maintain the integrity of your commercial property. 


    The inspection reports will document drainage system functions, roof traffic patterns, evidence of damage from weather elements, evidence of contaminants and water excess, and other signs of roof damage. Bi-annual inspections are more recommended especially in the time of spring and fall season. 

    Commercial roofs should be inspected every after a hard winter or extremely hot summer. Excessive expansion and contraction of the roofing system can tear itself apart. If there is a nearby construction job or any event that may possibly cause surface damage to the roof. Normally, results of inspections only require simple repairs, but the cost of maintenance is much less than the amount you will shell out for a replacement due to neglecting the roof.

    Our COMMERCIAL Annual and Bi-Annual Inspections

    For a prolonged life expectancy, it is crucial that your roof system undergoes regular inspections by trusted contractors. These inspections are done to analyze current roof conditions, assessing damages from weather, aging, and debris.

    Commercial Roof Maintenance

    Routine Roofing Inspections

    Lyndsey Roofing® offers annual and/or bi-annual inspection services in Hyde ParkPoughkeepsieRhinebeck and surrounding areas in Dutchess county. These scheduled visits aim to analyze general conditions of your roof system and provide recommendations and information through formal reports and photographs. Services under annual or bi-annual inspection include:

    • Review of debris collecting on a roof
    • Visual inspection of roofing membrane condition
    • Inspection of HVAC curbs, wall flashings, drains, perimeter flashings and pipe flashings
    • Inspection of wall systems that connect to the roofing system
    Commercial Roofing Repair Before

    Damage Repair Inspections

    If you experience damage to your roof after a natural disaster, maintenance of your property or any other situation, we would strongly advise an inspection. Our roofing specialists will investigate the damage and look for any contaminants, faulty roof membrane seams or moisture infiltration at the point of impact.

    Some of our repair services include:

    • Gutter and downspout repair
    • Roof flashing and leak repair 
    • Roof ventilation repair 
    • Torn shingle repair 

    To learn more about our damage repair services visit our roof repair page. 

    Commercial Roofing Maintenance

    Commercial Maintenance Program

    If you are require additional routine work for your commercial roof, you can also consider our roof maintenance program. 

    This program includes: 

    • Clearing your roof of debris 
    • Drain maintenance, cleaning and repairing
    • Addressing signs of deterioration 

    By utilizing a maintenance program, we’ll be able to address and correct minor problems before they become major repair work. 

    Check out our Annual and Bi-Annual Inspection Work!

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    flat roof repair

    hundreds of satisfied Annual and Bi-Annual Inspection customers

    Extremely professional with excellent follow up and follow through. In today’s world, it can be challenging to find a company who offers impeccable start to finish service. Bill not only said what he would do – he actually did what he said he would. His crew gave attention to every detail just like Bill did. The service was prompt, professional and well done. I am 100% pleased with our new roof and our experience with Lyndsey Roofing®, LLC. -Daria R.
    Very professional. Explained my needs and promptly took care of my problems. Cleaned gutters and installed gutter guards. I have excessive pine needles. Made a Saturday house call to address a concern and fixed the problem. Bill and his crew are wonderful. Excellent job. Barbara J.

    Flexible Financing Options

    Lydnsey Roofing offers stress-free financing for your project.

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